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Athletic Therapy

Experts at providing comprehensive injury assessments. This is not limited to the injury but includes an evaluation of the sports or activity's demands, considering the season's time and other personal factors that may impact return to play.


This comprehensive assessment creates a rehabilitation plan that promptly gets you back to play.

Sessions are held at the CAA Centre on Sunday in the morning and early afternoon.

The Program

$85/hr + HST

  • Pain Relief through Manual and Active Therapies

  • Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

  • Individual and Group Performance Training

  • Sports Taping and Bracing

  • Health Behavior Change Strategies


Our Provider

Raffi Yousefi

Sheridan College, Honors Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences, Athletic Therapy Program

Pre-hab specialist and athletic trainer with experience in providing medical care to secondary school/College level athletes. Dedicated to applying technical skills and knowledge professionally while establishing high-quality rapport with athletes and team staff to provide trusting rehabilitation/professional relationships. Proficient in delivering injury assessment, first aid on-site response prophylactic taping, modality implementation, and rehabilitation programming with additional experience in the strength and conditioning industry. 

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