3 Puck-Handling Drills
| VLOG #10

Nick Dahan covers the differences of "pushing," passing and shooting pucks. The first drill teaches how to properly stop pucks behind the net and deal with pressure. The second drill demonstrates how to play pucks when catching them and handling them in motion. The third drill helps create the proper techniques for " pushing" and when to "shoot" pucks.

How to Move Efficiently
| VLOG #9

Efficient skating is moving in a way that keeps your posture and feet set. We promote c-cuts as the primary source of movement due to their low energy consumption. Nick Dahan covers c-cuts, t-pushes, shuffles and power-slides in a level 1 skating session.

First-Ever Montreal Summer Camp
| VLOG #8

A sneak peek into day one of the Montreal summer weekend camp held at the Complexe Sportif Bell.

In-Depth Look at A Private Session with Nick Dahan
| VLOG #7

Check out highlights of a 90-min private session with Jr. A goalie. 

Cover More Net & Make Better Saves
| VLOG #6

Essentially we want our body to move towards the puck instead of extending fully and creating more holes. We focus on leaning our body while holding our edges and keeping our hands active to help direct or smother the puck.

Make More Wrap-Around Saves

| VLOG #5

Understand how to follow the player and react to their moves behind the cage. Sal Stalteri, one of Dahan's top instructors, puts on a clinic for two U14 goalies.

3 Components
of Positioning
| VLOG #4

Make more saves and get in proper position quicker by understanding the 3 components of good goalie positioning.

Tracking Pucks Properly

| VLOG #3

Starring aspiring pro goaltender Sal Stalteri, PWHL Toronto Aeros goalie and two AAA ice hockey goalies. Focusing on chin alignment, tracking pucks in and out and playing through screens...

How To Get Into The RVH 

| VLOG #2

A semi-private program in Toronto starring a PWHL goalie. Focusing on setting our feet, leaning into saves, playing rebounds and dropping into the RVH.


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Hand Placement & RVH Recoveries

| VLOG #1

Watch our first VLOG on where to place your hands and important keys to being in position when coming off the post.


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