Halton Twisters (NHGHA) 2021/22 Curriculum

Weekly Modules

  1.  Intro to C-Cuts for Depth Control & Recoveries

  2.  T-Pushes & Lateral Movement

  3.  Power-Slides & Rebound Management

  4.  Intro to positional saves and hand routes

  5.  Intro to saves in motion and recoveries

  6.  Intro to rebound puck control

  7.  Saves in motion and Post-Integration (RVH)

  8.  In-tight rebounds and dead-angle plays with Post-Integration (RVH, VH)

  9.  Dealing with traffic in front & behind the net plays

  10.  Puck-Handling and Passing

  11.  Odd-Man Rush Plays & Breakaways


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