Take a semi-private session to your own team practice and help your goalies get the attention they require.

Allowing a goalie coach to be present during your practices can create an excellent relationship for all of us which translates to a strong synergistic development process.

Private lessons, team practices and camps/clinics all have their own benefits and goalies should explore each of them every season.

No matter the environment, we bring confidence and support to the players while pushing them to train objectively and with passion!

What Is Required

  1. Blue Line in (one end zone) with both goalies together, either for the full practice or the majority of it.

  2. Filling out the team inquiry form for us to contact you, and see if we can accommodate you.

  3. Teams should get an AP goalie to attend. We require both goalies with the instructor throughout the entire session.

Can't make our ice times?

We come to you.