• Nick Dahan

Skill over Attitude?

During tryouts, coaches can find themselves choosing between a weaker goaltender with a passionate and winning personality versus one who plays the position well yet with little ambition.

Passion & progress are the two main factors that drive success, regardless of the sport. Progression comes primarily from consistently structured mentorship combined with an enthusiastic atmosphere. Once passionate about a subject, it becomes your main interest, the primary focus, and sometimes even your career.

Skill is #1 because that is what we grind to improve. However, if you do not have the passion or a well-executed progression plan, you will soon fall behind. As goalie coaches, we will ensure the skill level rises and that coaches are satisfied with the goaltender they have by the time playoffs hit.

The turning point is understanding the opportunity presented and how priorities must shift to accommodate a lifestyle and training regime that will ensure success. Coaches and parents are responsible for making this opportunity clear to the goaltender.

Let's start focusing on the attitude of the athletes versus their skill level. I want all hard-working & passionate goalies who want to play at a high level to realize their skill level today can change drastically over the course of a year.

Attitude over Skill!