F.I.T. Training

Fundamentals of Imperative Technicality 

Training Program

How will this help me?

F.I.T Program is the solution for goalies to work on their very precise movements, such has stick saves, glove saves, and absorbing rebounds. This allows the student to have some "detail" work instead of an intense game situational drill.


Students receive 30 minutes of private 1:1 development followed by a 45-minute off-ice group training session designed for hockey players.


This is the opportunity to work on your athleticism, stance, perfecting saves, tracking the puck, and having 1:1 time with a goalie coach.

How will I BeneFIT?

Build/Strengthen your Goalie Fundamentals

On-Ice Development will improve:

  1. Stance in the net

  2. Tracking pucks properly

  3. How to butterfly or how to improve it

  4. Glove & Blocker Saves

  5. Better use of the goalie stick

  6. Covering up pucks & how to swallow shots

Getting your body focused and ready to play hockey

The off-ice training will help your fitness & athleticism level go up so you can perform better in the net by giving you:


  1. Increased flexibility & mobility 

  2. Better eye-coordination 

  3. Increased endurance (Better Cardiovascular System)

  4. Strengthened muscle mass

F.I.T. Training = Better Results

This program will help you become a better goaltender & athlete by promoting a healthier lifestyle. Doing this program will help you achieve these goals:


  1. Feeling less tired during training or a game

  2. Great confidence in yourself

  3. Elite Work Ethic

  4. Understanding how your body works

  5. Comfortable with doing any body weight exercise

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How to Enroll?

Our Lessons are held at Flash Training Centre in Brampton on Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings.

This program is open to goaltenders of any level, age, and gender. You will either be learning the basics OR perfecting the basics.